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Our LocationThe Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Parsee Charitable Institution,


i) Physics Lab.- The Physics Lab was established in 1975. The lab is furnished with the latest equipment for students to understand the dynamics of the Physics Subject.

ii)Chemistry – The Chemistry Lab was established in 1975. It is well-ventilated and is equipped with exhaust fans to expel gas vapours that emanate during practicals. It is interconnected with the Physics Lab. There is a chemical preparation room between the two labs. All lab apparatus is of the best quality borosil glass. All chemicals are stored with utmost caution and care here. The experiments are conducted under the full vigilance of the teacher-in-charge.

iii) Biology – Established in the year 1978, the Biology Lab is well-ventilated. Within the lab, one can find rows of specimens showcasing species of organisms. Specimens/apparatus are changed periodically. The lab works simultaneously for school and college students.

iv) Electronics Lab.- Founded in 1989, the Electronics Lab is breezy and spacious, with a roadside view. Electronics practicals are carried out here under the guidance of the Electronics Teacher and Lab Instructor. Several projects have been designed and assembled in this well-equipped lab for various Science Exhibition Competitions. It also houses a small library of its own.

v) Home Science Lab.- The Home Science Lab was established in 1978 when the science stream was commissioned for Junior College.